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The Therapist

Jim Bucko LMT, RMT, Shamanic Practitioner

Raised in the 1960s central NY, Jim Bucko spent his early childhood in a diverse and inquisitive family, exposing him to a mosaic of religious beliefs and practices. In the 1970s and 80s he joined the Navy and studied Human Service Studies/Adult Education at Cornell University. Jims journey into the healing arts began in the mid 1990s.

A Shamanic Guide since 2000, Jim explores the relationship between spirit and matter. The techniques of shamanism are surprisingly similar in disparate cultures and throughout documented time and Jim has studied the methods of shamanism as healing devices. A Usui (2007) and Karuna (2009) Reiki Master, Jim possesses a deep knowledge of the bodys energy systems.

Jim is a NYS Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and enjoys working in varied modalities such as Swedish, Hot Stone, and Craniosacral Therapy. As a healer, Jim recognizes that compassion is central to teaching the importance of the relationship to spirit and living in balance with self, others, and the environment. It is a philosophy of connection a philosophy that enables Jim to create bridges toward whole and full health.

With awareness of the Four Directions, I use a holistic approach to healing, tapping into time-honored, powerful healing modalities to ensure you ideally benefit from your sessions.

I approach my work with an awareness of Spirit, using Reiki energy healing to repair the energetic field that influences the health of the physical body and varied massage techniques to allow the body to release the physical manifestations of energetic traumas. Gemstone healing powerfully complements energy sessions.

Working in the Shamanic realm, I use intention to manifest positive results for my clients. Many of these benefits will remain with you as you continue on your life path. Shamanic work brings the body and spirit into a state of wholeness. Initial sessions include an assessment of the ways that the body and spirit are asking for healing. Through our discussions and energy work, we begin to spiritually connect with the unseen realms affording an opportunity for profound healing. Ritual and intention play a large role in the process. Integrating Shamanic work with Massage and Reiki offers a multi-dimensional, holistic approach to wellness. . I aim to connect with my clients at the level at which they are ready to receive healing in areas where healing will be most beneficial.

Four Direction Healing sessions use the four directions in service of your highest good. This deep healing work leaves you with increased vitality, relaxation and an elevated sense of overall wellbeing, allowing energy to flow and creating space for abundance in your life.